April 13, 2015

Tutorial, part 11 - Shoulder Pads

The necessary loft of the shoulder pads will depend on the wearer's physique (as will the precise angle of the shoulder seam, for that matter); most non-raglan shoulder pads will work nicely, though, like these:

Place the shoulder pad inside the jumpsuit so that the pad's long edge is flush with the jumpsuit's armscye seam, and the pad's seam (if it has one) is flush with the jumpsuit's shoulder seam. 

Hand-stitch the pad securely in place to the yoke facing and armscye seam allowances being careful not to stitch all the way through to the outside of the garment. 

Repeat for the other side. 

NOTE: As you may recall, on the screen-used jumpsuits, the shoulder pads were attached via two snaps along the shoulder seam; this was likely so they could be swapped out as needed amongst the cast and/or for dry-cleaning. However, unless you plan on sharing your uniform with another person or you plan on wearing it often enough for it to need to be dry-cleaned, we recommend sewing the shoulder pads rather than attaching them with snaps. 

TIP: We recommend securing the shoulder pad to the jumpsuit in only two places: the centermost and outermost portions of the shoulder pad along the shoulder seam. This will mimic the effect of the snaps used on the screen-used jumpsuits and prevent any unsightly puckering along the armscye caused by slightly misplaced or poorly sewn pads.

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