April 11, 2015

Analysis, part 1 - Yoke (part 1)

In addition to the traits it inherited from the TNG uniforms, the VOY jumpsuit possessed numerous distinct characteristics which made it a unique garment in and of itself.

"Let's just take it from the top."

As mentioned previously, the VOY jumpsuit had a yoke similar to that of the TNG uniform yokes, and the division colors basically remained the same.

However, the wearer's division was indicated by the color of the fabric on the torso and sleeves of the TNG uniform, whereas on the VOY uniform, the wearer's division was indicated by the color of the yoke.

Berry ("red") was for command, tactical, and strategic operations.

Teal (which transitioned into green - more on that later) was for medical and sciences. 

Gold was for engineering, security, and operations. 

(For the record, every single one of those characters died at some point except Geordi, who was tortured on multiple occasions, mind-controlled, shot repeatedly over the course of a day, mutated, and believed to be dead once. Some of them even managed to die multiple times over the years - Main Character Powers, huzzah! Even Geordi died several times over the years if alternate timelines and causality loops are included.) 

(Yep, they all died, too.)

Gold was also the division color for general loitering, muscle, and especially cannon fodder: 

In fact, a day in the life of a "goldshirt" would probably look something like these: 

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