April 12, 2015

Analysis, part 11 - Elastic waistbands

Another construction feature on the VOY jumpsuit was that it had 2" elastic waistbands on its side body panels.

These elastic waistbands were on the side body panels only; they did not extend onto the front or back panels. 

Here are some good shots of the front, where you can easily observe the side waistband's front edge. 

DS9, 2x1 "The Homecoming"

DS9, 2x16 "Shadowplay"
DS9, 3x18 "Distant Voices"

DS9, 4x3 "The Visitor"

VOY, 2x15 "Threshold"

VOY, 3x11
"The Q and the Gray"

VOY, 3x15 "Coda"

VOY, 4x1 "Scorpion (part 2)"

And here are some shots of the back (in some generally unflattering poses of our heroes):

DS9, 1x20
"In the Hands of the Prophets"

DS9, 5x2 "The Ship"

VOY, 4x25 "One"


VOY, 7x11 "Shattered"

VOY, 6x14 "Memorial"

VOY, 1x14 "Faces"

The top edge of the elastic waistband intersected the center back body panel at the bottom of the action pleat as it "straightened out" to a vertical seam. 

VOY, 5x4 "In the Flesh"

DS9, 1x20 "In the Hands of the Prophets"

VOY, 7x11 "Shattered"

However, not all uniforms seemed to conform to this standard; sometimes it looked as if the back edge of the waistband, rather than being vertical, continued the diagonal direction of the action pleat. 


VOY, 6x14 "Memorial"

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