April 12, 2015

Analysis, part 13 - Hems

There was clearly no hem stitching seen on the sleeves, even the blind hem that is sometimes barely visible (check out the hem on your dress pants, suit/tuxedo pants, etc. to see what I mean).

DS9, 3x8 "Meridian"

VOY, 4x17 "Retrospect"

The hem allowance was occasionally visible underneath the sleeve, though: 

VOY, 6x26 "Unimatrix Zero (part 1)"

We covered the pant legs' bottom split when we examined the VOY jumpsuit's inherited characteristics from the TNG-era uniforms, so we won't rehash it here. 

The pants do, however, appear to have been cut with additional seam allowance at the bottom, in the shape one might expect to see on vented sleeves, as you can see in this photo "Zipkikr1966" shared of his screen-used jumpsuit:

Note the elastic "stirrup" (more on that next), but also note the aforementioned additional seam allowance along the bottom front center (indicated by arrows). 

Its purpose seems unclear, although judging by what looks to be additional seam allowance at the side, it seems likely that the pant legs of this uniform were intended to be adjusted in height and circumference for multiple wearers. 

However, it could be that the additional seam allowance was used to further secure the hem allowance since there was apparently no other form of hemming (blind-stitching, fusible hem tape, hand sewing to underlining, etc.).

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