April 11, 2015

Analysis, part 8 - Front zipper closure

The front closed via an invisible zipper, with the top left free and a hook-and-eye closure to hide the zipper's pull tab, therefore creating an entirely concealed front closure. 

Although rare, sometimes, if you know to look for it, you can see a slight "dip" on the front where the closure tension is transitioned from the zipper to the hook-and-eye. 

VOY, 1x5 "Phage"

VOY, 1x1 "Caretaker"
Also rare, but not unheard of - sometimes the uniform would pull open a bit, revealing the hook-and-eye. 

VOY, 3x15 "Coda"

The front zipper/opening was supported with a facing, which further helped to conceal the zipper and other construction elements (such as seam allowances) whenever the front opening/yoke occasionally rolled open. 

Impressions of the facing were occasionally visible on the outside of the garment:

VOY, 4x24
"The Quickening"

VOY, 3x11
"The Q and the Grey"

VOY, 7x24
"Renaissance Man"

As you can see, the width of the facing varied a bit from character to character, though it consistently stopped short of the first body panel seam. 

Again referencing the screen-used uniform "LtComm" was so kind to share pictures of, we can see that the zipper/front facing was secured all the way up to the yoke facing: 

This helped establish the "futuristic" illusion of the garment - i.e., "How was it made?!? It looks the same on the inside as it does on the outside!" 

This can be a lot to digest, I know - good for you for sticking with me! 

And if you got lost a long time ago, don't blame me ... 

I do hope you're still with me, though, because the next aspect of this jumpsuit we'll be examining is, perhaps, the most confusing of them all ...

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