April 11, 2015

Analysis, part 7 - Body panels

Aside from the yoke and sleeves, the body of the jumpsuit was comprised of eight panels (four front, four back). 

DS9, 6x4 "Tinker, Doctor, Tenor, Spy"
The zipper/front opening marked the center front of the jumpsuit, and there were two side front body seams:

VOY, 3x17 "Unity"

VOY, 3x11 "The Q and the Grey"

VOY, 5x2 "Drone"

DS9, 4x24 "The Quickening"
The back four body panels were structured differently; in addition to the center back seam, there was an action pleat on each side (which we'll examine in more detail later): 

VOY, 5x4 "In the Flesh"

The body panels were continuous pieces from the bottom of the yoke to the bottom of the pant legs; there was no horizontal seam at the waistline or anywhere else: 

VOY, 4x1 "Scorpion (part 2)"

VOY, 3x15 "Coda"

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