April 11, 2015

Analysis, part 6 - Shoulder points

As mentioned previously, the slope/angle of the shoulder points seemed to vary a bit from character to character, but overall, their low points/corners seemed several inches beneath the bottom of the yoke body when the wearer's arms were straight down.

However, not all shoulder points were quite as sloped, although it is difficult to tell, since raised arms and/or pivoted shoulders altered the "natural" drape of the shoulder point somewhat.

Just check out how different the shoulder point slope can appear on the same character in the same episode (Chakotay in Voyager's "The Q and the Gray")! 

The EMH's shoulder points seemed to vary a bit, too, but it could just be an optical illusion ... 

The women's shoulder points generally appeared to be less sloped than the men's - compare Dax's to Bashir's. 

DS9, 3x4 "Equilibrium"

Here, you can compare Dax's to both Bashir's and O'Brien's: 

DS9, 3x26 "The Adversary"

Granted, this impression is based largely on Jadzia's shoulder point (and, later, Ezri's DS9/NEM shoulder point), and some women's shoulder points did appear to be sloped more than Jadzia's. 

One might be tempted to conclude that it was simply a stylistic show difference (with women's shoulder points less sloped than men's on DS9, same as men on VOY). 

Except ...

DS9, 3x26 "Facets"

True, we could conclude that Sisko's shoulder points were less loped than other men's on Deep Space Nine and Dax's shoulder points were less sloped than other women's over on Voyager, but where would that leave us? 

Were the women's shoulder points actually less sloped than the men's, overall? 

For whatever it's worth, we believe they were, though. 

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