April 11, 2015

Analysis, part 5 - Armscye

The shoulder points sometimes appeared to have a slight amount of ease at the armscye, although this is only noticeable when the sleeve was eased in less than perfectly.

Thankfully, wool is a forgiving fabric when it is eased into a seam, although interfacing it into the seam allowance makes the process a bit more difficult.

Normally, the armscye seams were nice and crisp, with no evidence of any ease - either because there was none, or because it was eased in expertly.

However, on occasion, the sleeves were not set in properly, and the excess shoulder point ease manifested as tucks, puckers, pinches, and the like (especially Jadzia's early uniform - see our "Early DS9 variations" section). 

Sometimes the effect of the eased sleeve was a bit more subtle, but still observable. 

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