April 12, 2015

Early DS9 (seasons 1-2) Variations

As we mentioned previously, the VOY jumpsuit's construction was a bit different when it was first introduced and used during the first two seasons of Deep Space Nine, and here we'll take a look at some of the differences between the early and later versions of the jumpsuit. 

First, the early DS9 jumpsuit yokes were, in general, considerably shallower, much more proportionate to the then-contemporary TNG uniform yokes: 

This was especially evident on Chief O'Brien:

DS9, 1x6 "Captive Pursuit"

DS9, 1x12 "Vortex"

The difference between the yoke depth of his early and later uniforms is easily observable (also note how deep Eddington's is in the lower image): 

DS9, 1x6 "Captive Pursuit"

DS9, 3x17 "Visionary"
DS9, 4x6 "Rejoined"

The early jumpsuits' shoulder points seemed less sloped than they would later become, too - especially the women's - which was probably another TNG uniform influence. 

DS9, 1x1 "Emissary"

DS9, 1x3 "Past Prologue"

Here are some screencaps of the later version of the VOY jumpsuit for comparison:

DS9, 4x4 "Hippocratic Oath"

DS9, 4x16 "Bar Association"
DS9, 4x19 "Hard Time"

Either there was considerably more ease in the women's shoulder points during those early days, the costuming team had yet to master the art of easing in sleeves, or perhaps the amount of ease was reduced after the first year or so, because poor Jadzia's jumpsuits had poorly eased-in sleeves for the first season and a bit into the second: 

DS9, 1x4 "A Man Alone"

DS9, 1x7 "Q-Less"
DS9, 1x8 "Dax"

DS9, 1x19 "Duet"

DS9, 2x2 "The Circle"

She got fixed up with a pretty new uniform early in the second season, though.

DS9, 2x6 "Melora"

DS9, 2x20 "The Maquis (part 1)"
NOTE: We've included Jadzia's early shoulder points in our "Early DS9 variations" section rather than our "Errors and Misc. Observations" section because the excessive ease on the women's early shoulder points may well have been intentional, albeit somewhat poorly executed. 

Perhaps the most obvious feature of the early version of this jumpsuit was that of the "flared" opening - that is, the front opening would roll outward, not unlike lapels on a jacket.

DS9, 2x21 "The Maquis (part 2)"

DS9, 2x5 "Cardassians"

(publicity photo)

DS9, 1x5 "Babel"

The front openings did not always roll outward (though it does seem that they were intended to do so), and it was clear that the center front edges of the yoke and body were cut straight, and the V-shaped front opening was simply formed by the jumpsuit being pulled open around the body. 

DS9, 1x6 "Captive Pursuit"

DS9, 2x6 "Melora"

DS9, 2x16 "Shadowplay"

Lastly, the front body seams on the early jumpsuits seemed to be considerably more away from center than they would later become. 

DS9, 2x1 "Homecoming"

VOY, 6x22 "Muse"

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