April 12, 2015

Construction Analysis Summary

At this point, some of you probably feel like this:

But that's okay, because here's a summary of the construction standards we just walked you through! 

* Interfaced, division-colored yoke that extended onto the sleeves (via "shoulder points"), nested with the undershirt neckline

* Yoke front center could be straight, or cut slightly angled outward slightly

* Front-closing via an invisible zipper with a facing secured at the top to the yoke facing

* Front could close all the way to the bottom of the yoke or several inches lower, depending on desired look

* Shoulder pads snapped in rather than sewn in

* 8-panel body construction beneath yoke (center front, side front, side back, center back)

* Large yoke/body seam allowances, pressed open in front and pressed upward in back

* Yoke facing secured via a "stitch in the ditch" from the outside of the garment

* Diagonal action pleats on back, with the tops extending to the armscye (in our opinion!) and the bottoms meeting the back edges of the elastic waistbands

* Trapezoidal spandex panel to keep the action pleats from poking out while retaining functionality

* 2" elastic waistbands on the side body panels, secured in the back with a strip of grossgrain ribbon, secured in the front with two strips of grossgrain ribbon and two trouser-style hook-and-eye closures

* Long pants (cut "vented style") with front bottom few inches of the pant legs split and elastic "stirrups"

* No hemming visible on the outside of the garment

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