April 12, 2015

Exceptions and Oddities, part 3

Lastly regarding Generations, Data's jumpsuit had a spandex underarm "gusset":

We're really scratching our heads about this one, since Data didn't seem to have any particular stunts, odd poses, or need for extended reach in that movie.

The spandex "armpit gusset" made sense in First Contact because of his pose during multiple scenes in the middle of the movie (i.e. arms above his head):

First Contact

Interestingly, Data's upgraded, finalized uniform in Nemesis also had the spandex "armpit gusset." 

So, while Data's underarm gusset in Generations wasn't an isolated incident, it's still kind of a head-scratcher for that movie, at least. 

As best we could tell, Data's uniforms were the only (non-stunt?) uniforms to ever incorporate this feature. 

DS9, 3x18 "Distant Voices"

DS9, 4x7 "Starship Down"

DS9, 2x26 "Basics (part 1)"

DS9, 6x20 "Good Shepherd"

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