April 12, 2015

Exceptions and Oddities, part 4

Yoke depths seem to vary a bit over the years, even after the yokes were generally deepened after the first two seasons of Deep Space Nine

Michael Eddington, for instance, seemed to have a slightly deeper yoke than other characters, as did Harry Kim. 

DS9, 3x21 "The Die is Cast"

VOY, 1x9 "Emanations"
DS9, 4x6 "Rejoined"

Worf, on the other hand, may or may not have had a shallower yoke (it's hard to tell because of his jumpsuit's rather wide neckline), but his yoke's center front edge was a good bit shorter than other characters'.

Although it was apparent that ideally the jumpsuit's neckline was to be nested with the undershirt's, from DS9's fourth season forward, the Sisko's neckline was pretty much always quite a bit lower in the front center.

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