April 12, 2015

Misc. Observations and Errors, part 1

In addition to the exceptions and oddities, there were plenty of other genuine anomalies and obvious errors over the many seasons this uniform was used that we found notable and will share here. 

Dr. Bashir, for instance, always wore his uniform closed up to a few inches beneath the yoke, as the Deep Space Nine characters nearly always did, except in DS9's fourth season! He was given a new uniform that closed all the way to the bottom of the yoke, and he went back and forth between the two styles over the course of the season before returning to the style he previously always wore.

DS9, 4x1 "The Way of the Warrior"

DS9, 4x3 "The Visitor"

DS9, 4x4 "Hippocratic Oath"

DS9, 4x8 "Little Green Men"
... etc., etc.

He actually switched back and forth between the two versions multiple times throughout "The Quickening," near the end of Deep Space Nine's fourth season:

Harry Kim was given a new uniform early in Voyager's fifth season - one that didn't close all the way up to the yoke. It was introduced in "Timeless" and gradually phased in over the following episodes, probably due to the shooting schedule.

VOY, 5x3 "Extreme Risk"

VOY, 5x6 "Timeless"

VOY, 5x8 "Nothing Human"

VOY, 5x9 "Thirty Days"

VOY, 7x25 "Endgame"
He would continue to wear the "open" style through the end of the series.

... even during time travel/flashback scenes ... oops!

VOY, 5x24 "Relativity"

VOY, 6x23 "Fury"

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