April 12, 2015

Misc. Observations and Errors, part 2

While the division colors appeared to remain consistent over the years, there was actually considerable variation in actual color; just check out these three uniforms, all screen-used and shared by user "Steffen":

The medical/sciences division color, in particular, underwent a fairly drastic change from a teal/blue to more or less a full-on green, especially by the time the DS9/NEM uniform "upgrade."

The difference is easily observable when the early and later VOY jumpsuits are juxtaposed:

Even with the color variations and transitions over the years, there appeared to be a few random outliers:

DS9, 2x3 "The Siege"

VOY, 1x1 "Caretaker"

VOY, 7x4 "Repression"

And, of course, occasional division color mismatches in the same shot were, perhaps, inevitable ...

DS9, 2x10 "Sanctuary"

VOY, 7x12 "Lineage"

VOY, 7x22 "Natural Law"

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