April 12, 2015

Misc. Observations and Errors, part 3

DS9, 4x26 "Broken Link"
There were also a few really bizarre necklines and front openings over the years, like this guy's in Deep Space Nine's fourth season finale, "Broken Link," which was obviously rather oversized - that Worf-sized neckline doesn't work on everybody!

There was one particular ladies' combination of an overly wide neckline and very shallow front opening that showed up a few random times over the years - quite peculiar:

DS9, 1x6 "Babel"

DS9, 5x7
"Let He Who Is Without Sin"

DS9, 5x11 "Latent Image"

'course, there were sometimes abnormally wide front openings, too:

VOY, 1x1 "Caretaker"

VOY, 6x17 "Spirit Folk"

VOY, 7x3 "Drive"

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