April 12, 2015

Misc. Observations and Errors, part 5

Something weird was going on with Janeway's shoulders during Voyager's first season - as if her shoulder pads didn't go all the way to the armscye or weren't securely attached or something - not the "dip" just inside the armscye:

VOY, 1x10 "Prime Factors"

VOY, 2x9 "Tattoo"
One of Chakotay's jumpsuits had an invisible zipper that was unevenly attached on the two center front body panels; note the tension in the fabric on his right side but not his left:

VOY, 5x4 "In the Flesh"
Speaking of Chakotay, an impression of what was perhaps a wireless microphone box was visible through the back of his jumpsuit: 

That same episode, we saw impressions of larger-than-normal seam allowances (¾", perhaps?) on the captured Species 8472 person LARPing as a Starfleet officer: 

VOY, 5x4 "In the Flesh"

It stands to reason that background uniforms would have been more adjustable in size than "hero uniforms," to accommodate as many physiques as possible; hence the larger seam allowances, or perhaps the seam allowances were changed over the years. 

Or perhaps Species 8472 had a different construction standard than Starfleet ...? 

Lastly, it seems that one method of keeping the jumpsuit's neckline nested with the undershirt's was a small piece of hook-and-loop tape ("Velcro") fastened to the two layers:

At present, it's unclear how widely employed this technique was, but it's a good way to keep your necklines looking nice and flush!

We know, we know, at this point you might feel like poor Bashir ... 

So let's get on with how to make your own!

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