April 13, 2015

Required Materials, Supplies, Notions, etc.


Black wool gabardine = 4 yards

Division color wool gabardine = ¾ yard

Interfacing (fusible or sew-in) = ¾ yard

Black spandex = ½ yard


Invisible zipper foot for sewing machine

1 spool of black thread

1 spool of division color thread

Liquid fray preventer

1 or 2 standard hook-and-eye closures

2 trouser-style hook-and-eye closures

22" black invisible zipper

1 pair of shoulder pads

2 pairs of snaps for shoulder pads

1 yard of 2" elastic

1 yard of ¾" black elastic

1 yard of 2" grossgrain ribbon or belting

¼ yard of hook-and-loop tape ("Velro"; for optional sleeve vents)

1 communicator of your choice

Also, a serger is HIGHLY recommended; it will not only make your workflow easier and sewing room cleaner (fewer threads, frays, etc. all over the place), but it will also prolong the life of the garment itself by keeping the pattern pieces and seams in better condition.

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