April 9, 2015

Why we call it the "VOY jumpsuit"

We call this the "VOY jumpsuit" because, although it was used for four and a half seasons on Deep Space Nine and worn by many of the crew (including some main characters) in the TNG feature film Generations, we primarily associate the TNG show uniforms with TNG, the later style DS9/NEM uniforms with DS9 and TNG movies, and these particular uniforms (along with their corresponding undershirts) with the Voyager crew, both for ease of distinction and because the Voyager crew wore these uniforms for the entire run of the show and were the only crew to do so. 

The VOY jumpsuit underwent considerable evolution and experimentation over the eight and a half years or so it was in use from its introduction in Deep Space Nine (early 1993) to the final episode of Voyager (mid 2001). 

Most notably, this jumpsuit was slightly different in its early years (seasons 1-2 of Deep Space Nine) than the remainder of its run, so we will be primarily concentrating our analysis on the following years, though the early version of the jumpsuit will be specifically examined in our "Early DS9 (seasons 1-2) variations" section later in the analysis. 

We'll be presenting a moderately comprehensive overview of most of the notable changes and variations of the garment over its many years of use.

Now, onto an analysis at the jumpsuit itself!

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